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Protecting Public Health With Proper Hand Washing

Integrity Distribution LLC is a privately held company located in the pristine Ozark Mountains in Salem, Missouri. Our award winning and patented Ozark River Portable Sinks are self-contained hand washing stations used for the compliance with state and local hand washing codes. We have a 21,000 sq ft manufacturing facility dedicated to producing our high quality products efficiently and quickly, enabling us to become the premier portable sink manufacturer in the U.S.A.

Ozark River Portable Sinks are practical hand hygiene products with a proven track record of superior quality. Our self-contained, portable sinks are mobile or stationary so you can put them right where you need them. Our portable sinks are recognized and endorsed by health and safety agencies around the country for meeting hand washing code requirements.

Ozark River Portable Sinks were developed after many years of marketing other similar products. We discovered a wide gap between quality and availability. After listening to our customers, we designed and engineered our portable sinks for reliability, efficiency and ease of use. Today, Ozark River Portable Sinks are the highest quality portable hand washing stations available.

We are proud to assist you in protecting public health and preventing absenteeism in schools and businesses through proper hand washing. Please contact us at (866) 663-1982 if you have any questions. If you would like to purchase or distribute our portable sinks please use one of our contact forms here at Ozark River.com.

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Martin and Cheryl Watts

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